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LED Supply is the premier choice for digital LED signs in and around Chicago, US. Look no further than LED Supply & Signs when it comes to finding the right company to design your digital LED signs. Our team has over a decade in the sign design and installation business. We are a proud authorized dealer of Optec Displays and consider ourselves to be pioneers of LED technology.

Why Choose an LED Sign?


LED lighting not only lasts longer than traditional signs, but they are also more vibrant and sharper.


Our team offers a wide range of customization for your digital signs, all using LED lighting.

Energy Saving

LED signs are also more energy efficient, meaning you will be saving on your electricity costs.


LED signs also need less maintenance and repairs. This alone makes digital LED signs the best choice!

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Choosing the best pixel pitch resolution for Digital LED Signs

After choosing the best LED screen size, it’s necessary to learn about pixel resolution, a controversial topic. Some sellers, having limited and outdated stocks, may inappropriately advise an uninformed customer about the matter.

For good viewing quality, a billboard for advertising purposes will need a sufficient number of LEDs. The more LEDs, the better the resolution will be. The closer one pixel is to another, the better the content will be seen at close distances. This means that if you want to see a picture better from a short distance, the pixel grid should be 8 mm rather than 10 mm. On the other hand, when it comes to a giant LED screen, we will not need a reduced pixel resolution, but a larger pixel grid.

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